and Podcasting

In relation to my previous post about podcasting. Is interesting the way we could expand our marketing scheme around the networks the podcasters and their listeners form.

You see people having weekly shows about open source and technology and they recieve tons of emails giving inputs about their show. With the Skype phenomenon you start seing a lot of audio-based content and conversations being developed making the audio-marketing and mouth-to-mouth spiral marketing have a new force. now-a-days don’t really need any introduction however news haven’t been very succesful on the media as even within the project the news are not being sent as much.

Right now I have been listening to some podcasts that might give OOo that push, including TWITs, LUGRadio, The Linux Box Show, BinRev, LQRadio, and many more.

This sounds like an interesting opportunity to actually do some marketing on a propper and uniqe way.