Recently I have been listening to a lot of podcasting from the many Linux and technology shows around the net. Even if my podcasting dreams went down in flames since my phone line was suspended. I still have my reliable ammount of information to consume through out the lonely nights.

I still have the ambition of making some sort of audio-blog and I have had more time to study the guts of this web app. However I have seen a serious demand for more quality content. With my OpenOffice.org dedicated feed maybe I could start doing some flash-based podcasting where I could get my tutorials and applications on flash file.

The release then should be on my new website OOoXtremo.org and get more people into the content and spirit of the video podcast. Until then, I hope we could get more people interested in the project since it wont be just about me.

I have thought about the software to use and while I use a proprietary software on Winbugs I am still triying to learn about theora and other similar apps like xvidcam and avidemux for editing.