Man of No Land part 3

Some of the latest episodes of the Man of no land series. I have been working hard fixing my visa status. But the game raised up since the last time. Now I found myself in budapest struggling to get my visa worked out. The visa papers were valid but the Consul didn’t thought so and I found myself in a trap and griying to make sense and what to do according to this events.

Now I finally worked out something that looks more like a jigpuzzle where I will require intense logistic and working through the process of going back and forth mantaining legalibility with an expense of 60 fucking euros and a total of about 300 USD total.

Finally I will be arriving back in Rumania on saturday morning and will return to my apartment but the walk wouldn’t be over until I can send my passport and get it stamped in Mexico.

Confusing? I know… Messed up… definetly…