Sweet/Sour Weekend

Is the final minutes of a sweet/sour weekend. A weekend where I really wished I could have gone to my gf place and see some family-oriented, Romanian costums.

The weekend seemed to be quite laizy and also active. I finally broke the spell of being here in Bucharest and finally left to the sea-side. Definetly not my first choice but also the strongest one. I went to see a quite famous group in Romania called Parazitti.

I first knew about them a while ago, when I started chatting in undernet and talking with Romanian girls. They were all craizy about the group and finally started sending me some of their music.

When I got here it seemes everyone know them and they seem pretty ok. My friend invited me to check them out and the place was really cool, sea-side, food, lots of people. It looked like a fair in some regards, and then there was the concert on a relative small place with relative small amount of people but at the end it was very enjoyable.

The problem was about the way romanians have been with me. In this case the girl who was my hostess really forgot about me and start making out with everyone in the place… thats everyone except me.. so of course I got really jealous/annoyed.

At the end she pretty much forgot about me and I was left to talk with their uninspiring friends. It could have been a nice trip but at the end it was fucked up.

Another thing happened on the weekend was the Easter celebration which was interesting. I dont like to go to this churches but I appreciate the cultural value of it and it was fun having all this people lighting candles.

Finally I also did a movie weekend where I saw many movies quite fun and interesting so at the end I end up doing quite a bit of everything. I even configure my xfce desktop even more and learn some stuff about OpenOffice.org Extensions.