Ready for the conference

So we are all ready for the IRC conferences, my presentation is already done and I am glad to see that there are a lot of activity on the mailing lists around OOo because of the relevance of the topic.

Even thought my friend Daniel Carrera kind of blew up a little bit the presentation because is more about a recollection of experiences from different sources and now I feel like the Novell’s official spokeperson of their in-house project. Which I am not at all. Hope I can clarify this early in the presentation.

So on other OOo news, there has been a lot of ranting about the Java dependencies in OOo 2.0 and it seems this would be the eternal ghost that will haunt OOo around the FLOSS communities. I would be more interested to see more people commenting about the open document format than OOo. Oh well hopefully the rebirth of my OOoXtreme project might clear this out.