Man of no Land Pt II

Wow it has been a while since I post, but I have at least kept the blog on my mind. Several issues had passed in this few weeks. On the new Man of no land series, I wanted to go to Barcelona when I was stoped by the Passport officers, it seems that I have make a few infractions on my passport.

However this few turn out to be a behemonth pile of problems that will not just cancelled my plans to go to Barcelona which ironically was to fix my visa status but also got myself into a true man of no land situation as I got an enterdiction. Now I am stuck in romania for the following year unless I get this waved by some authority.

My question is why I didn’t have any problems in Bulgaria which I went just a few months ago. And why I could even come back in Romania with no serious problem.

Fortunately I have got some news that will help keeping my ass out of problems and my company and organization are also backing me up.