Distribution Channels and Open Source

As XpoLinux 2005 comes closer I’ve been thinking on business needs from the open source community and the correct way of marketing not just open source but any product. What are the base, fundamental, area of businesses needed by not just software but any-product like food.

So what should XpoLinux acomplish this 2005, what should be the main focus of the Xpo. I think the focus should be networking.

XpoLinux fortunately is not just an isolated project, but with the OpenBusiness simultaneously going hand on hand, we should focus on business experts not just technology expert.

I think XpoLinux should contact experts on distribution channels, atract resellers and just take over the business channels currently implemented.

As developers and advocates on development we tend to think as improve of the product, but we don’t waste many braincells on the market of the product to the right costumers on the right package they can understand.

For that reason we could hit a slam dunk on the Mexican and latin america interface.