Culture Changing

So this time around the OOo community is facing a wall, a big wall. Unfortunately this wall is spreading and is making the project less and less fun.

Before getting into this, I will like to talk about the issues when a community is not trully free. The issue is that it comes back to hunt them. Sure is free in the sense we have our community leaders and everyone can join and everyone can become a leader. But then again there is a ghost that usually lingers and manage around the community.

This ghost misteriously stop ideas and promotes other ones. This ghost make parts of the community grow and part of the community misteriously dissapear.

The real issues is that you can’t really narrow it down, but exist on each one of the members without even knowing it. However this ghost is not bad, is not good is just is. Problem is that when this ghost turn evil is very hard to attack it, let alone kick it out.

Going back to OOo, making OOo ghosts and skeletons out of our closet will be rather hard but is even harder when we can’t even see them.

Building a community is hard, and managing it is even harder. Is very time consuming and is usually not always rewarded, so why do we do it? Maybe because we weren’t thinking about them on the first place, just ourself and the technology. I guess we need to value that a community is always around us to support us and when we forget about them the ghosts start turning evil.