Man of no land

Yesterday I did one of my famous ultra-quick trips to another town. This time I decided to go to Sofia, Bulgaria, this trip was a forced one since I have to get out of the country for visa porpouses. So I decided to be very organized and timed my afternoon to have everything on time.
I use my cell phone calendaring feature to do my tasklist and have everything prepared for the trip. I timed everything from the subway to writting down the important data to calling my friends before the trip.
At the end of the day I was happily on my conpartment ready to go, and with a bunch of food for the trip.
Everything was lovely until I learn something that seem so obvious and basic…. I didn’t had a visa.

Wow, how in the world would I guess that I needed a visa for Bulgaria. The quasy-country was barely of any substance in europe, apparently when they told me that my mexican passport would be good for Europe they didn’t count this part of Europe… I guess nobody comes here anyway… 😀

So the border police was actually very nice, I was extremely nervous when they had to take me down of the train and leave some american friends I met in the train (they didn’t needed one). So they put me in a chilly place of the station but at least they kept me company and bought me some coffee so I dont die of hypothermia.

The funny part was when the “special&quote; car came and I have to leave back to Romania. The cops barely spoke english but when I jump in the car they were bumping Ludacris – Act a Fool from the 2fast 2furious sountrack.

If there is only one thing funnier than easter europeans gangsta-hiphopper, is eastern european cops with a gangsta-hiphopper ride — that don’t even speak the language of the track.

So back to Romania and the cops there were actually more ruthless, they make me wait like for 15 minutes in the white sandy-like snow, and it just seem like forever. I really which I could have tooken some pics, but I was REALLY cold to even remember I had my digital cammera on my coat.

At the end the cops let me go with a simple Hata la vista and I had to walk for a good 10 minutes until I finally reach an oil station where I got a cab pick me up and take me to bucharest.

My roomate was puzzled when the next morning I was in my room like always. He was like — WTF!?!?!

So my sunday night wasn’t at all dissapointed, I really enjoy it, it was dangerous and scary. But I got what I needed (my passport stamped). And a good 3 more moths before I leave again to some other country, hope to jump to a real one thought.

Friday and saturday has been ok btw. Yuki, my japanese friend is a sweatheart. I really wish she could have stayed longer, I have a really good time when I am around her. Christhian, the indonesian guy is also funny as hell and next weekend is superbowl weekend and we expect to be all together, to party and chill.