OOo Spanish a site resurection

Since my jump into the Spanish Co-Lead the site has been dramatically changed. From being a site that was updated every 6 months, it became a dynamic and fresh site which has change almost 5 times in 3 months.
Some might say that this is way too many changes however far from putting people away from the site we have recieved an unprecedented number of new users/contributors sign up to the project.
In adition the mailing list traffic has jump almost by 100 messages more. Also the topics has become more specialized and even more interesting. Dominating more business-valued discussions like using powerful databases like PostgreSQL and Oracle a backend. Using more and better macros, generating ‘Intelligent’ documents and beter ways to use OOo.
This week I just added the link of a project I found very appealing to the OOo community. This is the PHP – OOo class which generate sxw from web HTML the same way you can see the PDF plugin in Mambo.