In the line of bureacracy

Things are going fast as a Project Manager. With processes to be design and implemented and lots of documentation being thrown in meetings like if they were free champaing I get the sense we are giving birth to a monster. The monster of bureacracy; where, everything needs to be written down or things don’t get done unless someone authorize it.

So we face a lot of do’s and don’ts, ideal vs. practical methods and managing between documenting project and making a wishlist. I am somehow against the way we are moving since we triying to do too much. The risk is that it might lead us to a bunch of usless documents that weren’t production-ready.

Working in the government it was a constant struggle between managing this monster which kept on going phenomenon of waiting and sitting for the whole process to go around the company. Technology helped accelerate this tasks, as databases make us jump the actual signatures and the rapid authorizations of multiple tasks and activities. The productivity rise was very blurry, some tasks got effectively implemented some others were just waved on cutting processes.

I think the strongest point would be on the implementation. Implementation is not an easy task, and surely is varey undervalued on a production-intensive enviroment. Just ask the german government switching to Linux, and taking almost a year for that. I hope to monitor this implementation process as we jump in the next stage of the transition. Hopefully this eventually make sense or at least have the guts to back off before the monster caught up with us.