In the beginning there was UNO

I love topics where I don’t know what I am talking about, I usually get ranted but even more I get more knowledge. This is just one of the blunt statements without any convincint knowledge of what I am talking about.

This time I am talking about the UNO framework. OOo’s framework that will make developers jump into the OOo development and improvement of the whole application suite. Unfortunately this development has not boomed as many have predicted. This UNOcompiler has bridges for many languages including C++, Java, Python, Basic, Perl and so on. However the bridge doesn’t mean that everyone can code now. This only means that a certain part of the applications can be tweaked but not as far as develop homegrown new ones.

Watching Mono and other projects, it just make me wonder will the UNO ever take off as a framework. Now, when I reffer to as a framework, I mean a developing technology to create new applications that shared the toolkit, just like other libraries like gtk, qt and so on.