Linux-less internet suck

Well it has been a week of triying of compiling my modem source against my 2.6 kernel without success 😦
I really can’t standing having to switch to crappy windows just to get online. At least people on the web has been able to help me and provide me with some assistant.
Part of this misshappening has to do with the fact that I wasn’t using dial up which changed once I came to Romania.
I found out that is incredibly dificult to get dsl, I would thought that a tech company can at least make this easier (contracting the service for their employees)
Why would they do that? Because is important capitalizing on their employees knowledge more than the working hours. What does that mean, well that if you make your employees generate more data (in or outside the company) some of this data can be capitalize.
It also have some practical solutions here in Romania, simply because companies can pay service on line as opposed to individuals. So the company wont be so hard to pay some of their employees bills with their money taken out of their paycheck but it will save and ensure at least a better benefits than having to afford bill-paying breaks.