OMG no Ethernet!!!

So finally I could connect my headphones to my work computer, and just when I was ready to listen to my stuff one of the hp breaksdown. Oh well it was time to get new ones anyway.

Me and my roomate are looking for a crossover cable to connect our laptops, easy task right? NOT. I finally found it, oddly enough this company was Carrefour, which is a ‘wall-mart’ type store. All the specialized electronic/computer store were missing this essential and simple cable.

A simple ethernet (crossover) cable was IMPOSSIBLE to find on the computer stores. I live between two relatively big computer store and NONE had them. This essential part of networking was missing from about 5 stores around my place (2 big and 3 small shops).

This sounded extremely hard to believe, however is not an isolated case. When I got my finger messed up at the hospital, my mexican doctor suggest me to get some basic solution. Which he told me that all drug stores MUST have it. To my surprise the one infront of my apartment didnt carry it, I was shocked.

So from a distance a rather ‘normal’ city/country, I am starting to see the big holes on this countries economy. Basic products are scarse and it’s almost foolish. That’s like selling a digital video camera, but without any batteries.