Business is Thinking Open Source first

So here i am at my desk somewhere in the exotic Romania. My position.. well is hard to tell, it changes by the second. I think I got some asignment, the first one in 2005, but still waiting on co-workers to finish their work so I can start mine.

My boss is a fatalistic, or at least his word selection sounds like that. I have a personal mission with this company and is turn it around. For that I have migrated from designer to marketing, to project management to actual manager in the space of 1 1/2 months.

Looking for new managing systems I come to 2 of the most interesting proposals I heard at XpoLinux in Monterrey Mexico. Which is BPM and Balanced Scorecards, the last one gain me a lot of respect with the project manager of the company. Now I am learning on BPM and what I’ve read so far is just great.

John Hamilton from IBM seem to be in love with this ebXML specification (oasis standard also) they call it BPML which is a structure XML language (just like the OpenDocument) which tries to achieve not just the proper documentation of processes but also integrate human resources with software systems as a single working unit and be able to manage the documentation on a real-time bases.

Sounds challenging, but one of the interesting points is that this should be thorougly deployed with an Open source mentality.

What it was supposed to be a management-business related issue now comes back to software and to open source, this left me quite interested. As business is now thinking open source from the very start. Consolidation of business should be an open solution and a standard solution, which is a radical change from what it used to be. This is just signs of the digital tipping point is happening now.

By the way, if you are looking for BPM software, I found this one.