Mountains of Romania Part II

So after an exciting and quite long christmass celebration. I was back on Bucharest for a little more than 12 hours. Since at 2 I was supposed to be jumping on the train for my New Year celebration in Pietra Neam, and the celebration was awesome. With lots of dancing, drinking and feeding to do I had the best time. The best part was that was awakening on 2005 on a really great mood and next to a really great friend.

This will go down as one of the most unique new year closings of all my life as I jump all over a foreign country and had the best time next to the best friends.

So 2005 is comming with lots of challenges for me, from having new projects, new responsabilities, new business outlooks and also more challenges. Right now is the best time of my life, I am just enjoying them while things are just getting better. By the time 2006 comes I hope I would be a completely different man and will achieve most of my goals and create even adventures away from home.