Mountains of Romania

So my vacations was on the mountains and it was great… actually it might have been the best new year ever… or at least the most productive.

I went on to get some nice pictures and a good time around the west part of romania. For xmass we spend some time with some of our host families in Rosiri a place where the keyword was food. We ate a whole lot of everything, we got a lot of romanian hospitality and it was great.

From bed & breakfast to midnight dinners and everything was really good. We sang some romanian xmass carols and we hang out with some of the family members. We visited the hipest club in town which was pretty wack and then we just eat some more.
I had to share my bed with the craizy asian and well fortunately nothing odd happened.

We had lots of fun with a trip to the snowy top of some of the mountains as well as some partially frozen lake. It was a warm winter and it almost looked like autum or spring. There was even some nice posings and photo shootout making the best out of the scenery. At the end it was all good and we went to the next town where a whole new adventure awaited before reaching newyear. Xmass was definetly Fun!!