A new thought for a new year

Is 2005, OpenOffice.org is 4 years old and users, press and more and more users are signing up cheering the OpenOffice.org evolution on this 4 years. We just jumped from “What you see is what you pay for” to “Good enough” to a “Great” piece of software. With 2.0 we expect to jump from “Great” to “Excellent” status, a great and sensitive points is now how to make OOo get to the users before the users notice it. A recent article talks about resellers not going all the way with Firefox.
Some people are also looking for creative ways to get OpenOffice.org into the hand of people which has no idea about it. Christhian Einfield just recently had this great idea about using some social networking programs to spread the word about OpenOffice.org. Michael Robertson from Linspire has another very interesting way to raise awareness about OpenOffice.org and Free software in total.

So how does things happen when social networking meet FLOSS marketing efforts?

Spreading like wildfire is the motto of social networks and FLOSS adoption certainly need this. Migration to FLOSS and specially OpenOffice.org is NOT suited for everyone on the same way, so the breakdown on the migration should be targeted at specific user-levels. The better we get good at this the more people will start making the wildfire pick up. The great thing about this is that yesterday newbies are todays leaders and tomorrow’s gurus.