Sex Love and Jobs

Ok this is some of the titles that might get lots of clicks. Regardless of that I just want to put in words some of the things I been through this week. The keyword here is mood changes. I went to joyful, to sad, to angry to disappointed to joyful again.
This are the issues of having a third world girlfriend. As much as I like them, they still carry the bagage and mistakes of her enviroment. The time insensibility is one of the major MAJOR issues when it comes with relating to my girlfriend. Dealing with this hasn’t been an easy job and I think this might actually complicate things to the point it gets unbearable.
Today I realize that adapting to the local culture might still be going on regardless of my initial thought of automatic synchronization, since Mexico is somehow the same way. But waiting 4 hours for something that for me takes 30 minutes and for the regular people takes 1 hour tops is usually things that can produce this mood changes specially during when I care so much.
Well finally I met her, had a long discussion, calm down, get some points that might get corrected and actually became happy again. I wonder if she cared as I did about this time insenstivity is not a quality but a liability (she still thinks is so classy to be late and get your man waiting and eager).
So the next thing I have today is my meeting appointment with a company that has showed their interest in me. I hope that above being looked as a opportunity also becomes an prime interest and we get some hiring process started. My targets for this job are obviously high but I will also try to be careful of not buying it completely since I still haven’t understand the company to it’s fullest. Maybe I should read some information at their site. We’ll thats all for today, nothing really sexual and quite boring note but I guess this is the way I wanted to put some of the things that happened today.