eXtremo Revolution

The time has come where a Geek has to do what a Geek has todo. However, since I don’t consider myself a geek… I will still do what I think is right.
So we got this great stuff comming over which I think it will have a great impact, if we got it right.
OpenOffice eXtremo is what I think will make that push OOo Español needs right now. A personal twist of OpenOffice México which I think it will have the personality punch open source websites really need. SourceCasts is a great tool for work, but offers no heavy pressence for the end users and companies that don’t have time and want to get the ‘goodies’ right away.
So what would the OOo eXtremo will have, so far, the leaders that feel passionate of OOo Español will feed with articles and tricks to OOo eXtremo.
We want to answer the KEY doubts first-time users have about and current users that just haven’t had the time to explore the total potencial. Giving really high quality tutorials on how to use OOo in dynamic and creative ways.

  • Universities
  • Companies
  • Governments
  • Consultants
  • Re-Sellers
  • Home users
  • …and more