Exciting Week

Well it has been a really exciting week and I am glad it end up even more exciting. Well as I said before, romanians like hip hop, thats good. But now imagine they actually like me as a rapper. Wow

Me a rapper, — again.

Is true, now, I have to dust off my old persona of South Side God and recapture my long unused mic skills. But time has travel fast and I already participate in a concert where many romanians were happy to hear something different.

With almost no material, I was able to set the mic in flames and recapture the emcee talent I onced exploited a lot back home.

The next day, after work, I was already recording some demos that will be launched in the UK as an international collabo.

But the best part was the weekend when after 2 weeks of long wait. I finally went to the mountains to meet my special friend, where I most say, was very very glad to see me. I enjoyed each minute of the day and I was kind of sad it was over.

It was a great week, my finances might have lost some glitz once I found out I need to pay like $375 on rent , which is not cute. I think I should start using some external financial support.