Making OOo Reloaded

After playing around almost all day with CSS on the next Español website. I came to the realization that Firefox is not as close to Opera as it seemed. Opera supports CSS very good and it did what I wanted, but Firefox did experienced problems rendering my CSS.

I want to do a in-line display of lists that contains anything from images to other lists. The idea seemed rather interesting and working with Opera it performed beautifully, however when I display it on firefox it broke everything. I guess a good dip in the CSS forums might save my life in this scenario.

Anyway the site layout is done, the design still to be drawed and hopefully during this week I can provide an excellent website.

On other OOo related information I started the Sun Translation manager and I already did some progress. This is on my ToDo list as well and I think things will speed up this week.

Great things are having in as more of my friends are downloading and triying is only a matter of time before it turns out to be the next FireFox.