Communication is EVERYTHING

We live on the information world but as more as we advanced in this technology driven world is more about a great communication resource to generate this information. However when information is not there problems are soon to arrise.

Communication is NOT the final solution but it is the primary means to find a solution. Couples that don’t communicate efficiently are destined for divorce. Same as partners that don’t keep a tight communication links.

Companies that have a poor communication are very slow and usually represent hard barriers between their members. This has been my experience recently at InterAKT. I don’t think people are aware on how this is moving to become a vital problems. The infrastructure is simply not there to even build awareness.

At this point we are just seen the result of this lack of infrastructure but management is not seen beyond the effects.

On my last job I encourage my team to give me instant feedback and usually went down to have interviews with not just the people under me but also the technical people.

One of the clear effects was the lack of awareness of technology (think I invested a large portion of my time). Also seen new opportunities, clients and the overal technology vision on our department.

My primary action was increase the efficienty of my team usually by employing a back-forth matrix. The back area talked about their already set skills, and forth looked on their new skills they could implement.

Under this matrix I encourage a lot of R&D and softened the reciliance to change.

I hope my current managers embrace this techniques and end up with a new attitude to a soon to become a very complex company because of their ammount of people.