Case of the X

Recently I have been through a lot of struggles since the change of winds did their change. This last struggle however hasn’t been a new one but one always present that I didn’t realized since I was having so much fun. But lately this problem has mount into the other series.

So I got a nice friend, gf, or something, usually things are very nice with her? However, there are just this big dark spots that take place when she gets to this crappy city.

It’s odd to see how pesant people get so excited about the lights. I guess it is exciting, however for one that have lived in cities almost all it’s life, this is well… just that.

With this post I am not triying to hurt the persons that might find themselves in that position, but is just rather about me. I am on a terrible stage of confusion since I haven’t been able to fully understand the way people in this country think. Very primitive I might say, but also very odd in their own way. In the states the rules were set and it was pretty cool. It was a game, it was fun and the motto was, if it feels right, then do it.

However there seem to be here a lot less taboos and a lot more mental walls that has to be broken. Until then I guess I just have to learn to be more pantient and wait. I consider myself demanding but at the end demanding is what I should been, just to take things seriously. I guess that if I wasn’t demanding it will show as if I don’t care. And I think that is what I am not getting at all.

I am a playa who hasn’t play anybody but myself, and is time to change that. I have give too much importance to things that just don’t. At the end of the day, things is all about what you did, not what you feel like doing.


Man of no Land Pt II

Wow it has been a while since I post, but I have at least kept the blog on my mind. Several issues had passed in this few weeks. On the new Man of no land series, I wanted to go to Barcelona when I was stoped by the Passport officers, it seems that I have make a few infractions on my passport.

However this few turn out to be a behemonth pile of problems that will not just cancelled my plans to go to Barcelona which ironically was to fix my visa status but also got myself into a true man of no land situation as I got an enterdiction. Now I am stuck in romania for the following year unless I get this waved by some authority.

My question is why I didn’t have any problems in Bulgaria which I went just a few months ago. And why I could even come back in Romania with no serious problem.

Fortunately I have got some news that will help keeping my ass out of problems and my company and organization are also backing me up.

Why is so hard??

So one thing I have seen dealing with mexican groups is that they literaly take ages to make a decision. I am not sure if ages of working on a bureacratic system or just simply not being interested in anything else that whatever is actually affecting them.

But the reality is while the IT cluster have taken 1 1/2 years trying to push the the update of the school teaching scheme. One guy in the UK has made that possible for already 80 places distributed in 8 countries — in just 5 months.

Looking into my archives I start discovering presentations about all these topics that are finally comming to place here. However it seem like it will take ages to acomplish the level of innovation I was presenting a year ago.

The saddest part is that after all this time the education system hasn’t still got it. When we talk about software development we talk about programming and NOT design, nor office/marketing/business skills. I am still wondering how many years will it take to actually make the implementation.

First IRC Meetings

Isn’t it great when people meet. We are just right after the IRC meetings that took place at irc:#ooonl We have a great participation from the community.

Even if it was a very small talk it was definetly a breakthrough in the community. Hopefully we will have more of these. It was fun to see all the people I met in Berlin and some that I have still just me through the IRC / Mailing lists.

Even most important is interesting the way things get ‘at least in word’ — done. The OOoArt project, Native-language project and other projects also got some work done.

At the end the talk was a success and I think we would be seen a more interesting talks as we keep this OOo conferences. My talk is on April so stay tunned. 🙂

New Day

Well after the aftermath of last week, I am still getting to coup with the stability of a sane life. I guess is time to rebuild and my search is on for reconstructing some of the damage experienced last week. The good thing is that life goes on and we can just do things we thought a week ago were lost forever. Even if i can still feel the burden now is much more lighter. I hope the week after this one becomes like the normal always great week.

The end of a bad weekend

This week was Baaaad, just as I was feeling the winds change, I now face the wind blowing south. First we got a start with a really big project at work, and like my boss put it out a chunck of bone too big to chew.

So at the middle of the week we saw the project was diying and with that my intervention as a project manager. By the end of the week I was moved to support.

I really wish we could have gotten a better planning of the project but I guess it was just part of the beginning of a streak.

This week was February 14 so I wanted to do something nice for my intimate one. That was the last good thing that happened to a relationship that just die this weekend. Today I just gave the final blow and end up with no girlfriend.

Finally bad news from across the sea as I found out we still havent waved the debth we have with one of our spoke people and after a month almost, my partners hability to solve problems are incredibly limited. I praise him for his boldness in the business world, but not having nor looking for the desired intelligence has driven him into a mexican hell — and me with him.

The OOo community hasn’t shown signs of life lately, as we are submerging on some dark ages of confusion and doubt.

The good thing is that the week is over and after the rain, the sun always rise.

Distribution Channels and Open Source

As XpoLinux 2005 comes closer I’ve been thinking on business needs from the open source community and the correct way of marketing not just open source but any product. What are the base, fundamental, area of businesses needed by not just software but any-product like food.

So what should XpoLinux acomplish this 2005, what should be the main focus of the Xpo. I think the focus should be networking.

XpoLinux fortunately is not just an isolated project, but with the OpenBusiness simultaneously going hand on hand, we should focus on business experts not just technology expert.

I think XpoLinux should contact experts on distribution channels, atract resellers and just take over the business channels currently implemented.

As developers and advocates on development we tend to think as improve of the product, but we don’t waste many braincells on the market of the product to the right costumers on the right package they can understand.

For that reason we could hit a slam dunk on the Mexican and latin america interface.