Was she just checking me out?

Well tonight I went out and had a nice dinner in a place called ‘la mama’ (the mother). I had a great time bashing romania and finally talk with this business guy. It seems he is pretty cool and I wonder if we can ever got to talk face to face. I think he will help me out uncover the mystery of IT. He seems to appreciate me and I wonder how far can that go.

Talking about the dinner the new canadian/asian girl was really nice. She was cute too, too bad I didnt had my high-power cammera and just had the little cell phone. Anyway I will see her often now that she will be working with us.

the question here, is that if she was checking me out. Siting righ tnext to me she kinda gave some funny looks. Then she grab my arm and squeeze my tummy. I think she just wonder if I was fit enough which I think I failed miserably :).

I wonder how would we get along 🙂