Art, communism and east europe

Interesting the way art changes and I think change is great to keep moving forward. East europe is not a very good place for art. Like Mexico, art is has not direct money value so many people dont think is vluable.

For that same reason many young artist are usually facing a great deal of struggle getting exposure. So today we went to see some of this art galleries and found out that there is really a great value. For me, it showed a new window to talk about things that might not necesarily have with other people.

The first exhibition was aobut the intimacy of two female early life in a communist society where a lot of things happened. For better or worst communism marked a collection of experiences that many people in america didnt experience.

“”The problem wasn’t the money, but what to do with it. Since Romania was closed to themselves there weren’t many goods to buy with it.””

A closed economy is usually provides a set of resources that enforce the local industry but delays the culturalization of what happened on a major scale. For example, science sports and companies become strong within this enviorment. But that same strenght doesnt necesarily mean is strong on a global term and usually the whole society goes around their own country without acknoledging their neighbors.

Another gallery was interesting seen some pictures and sophisticate and stylish art. Urbanity at its finest it presented another side of the spectrum focusin solely on goods and things man make throught history. Cities being the greatest example of man-made things. The collection went across major cities in Europe and asia making it an intersting piece to show through photography.