OOoCon and Other things

So this blog has been quite quite lately. However OOoCon was a great event and two weeks after that, it still impress me the documentation and posts that have been generated in the community.

Away from that, work at interAKT has been on the rise. With lots of marketing material comming and a new ‘designer’ title imposed by the company I have been doing lots of drawing. I think is good but the patient that this position demand surpass by far my own supply.

However the next work that looks on the horizon is a lil’ bit more relaxing as also is more entertentainment. First, I wont deal with ‘clients’. Next, I will have more ownership of the project. Finally the outcome looks cool. The project is about multi-media tutorials about php-mysql and apache. On how to set them up succesfully and recording this on a RoboDemo application.