Innovation = Trash

After watching another really incredible episode of Arjuna. I come to the realization on what is really the rush about technology. Technology is and advancement of destroying whatever we ever needed for the finest crap.So why do I say that, well, as preachy as it might sound is true and recognizing thruth stand above everything that we can tolerate. In the beginning trash didn’t exist. Trash is really things that we dont need, and in the beginning everything was used by another life form. Everything was reutilized.Thats the way systems are builted, by regenerating other process waste and utilizing it’s product by another process. However our system doenst really work that way, since our crap is incompatible with other lifeforms, so we generate ‘Innovative’ solutions that fail miserably because they dont get the global picture.10 years ago, the thing we want to call ‘progress’ on third world countries, was really a way to catch up with other countries innovation once those other countries didn’t consider that scheme valuable.Progress is the process of generating things that are not important to ourself. But comodities that are greatly inforced by a sense of dependency. On IT we see a process of innovation at an accelerated rate. Progress on steroid, and trash on steroid too, so we might see that we are in race to turn everything into crap at the same time we produce more crap.