Got infected today

I actually got infected a couple of days, but this time it was a problem. The famous sasser worm hit my machine as I was triying to do something with my video cam and yahoo. Not sure the exact moment of the infection but this was the first security hit I got in recent years. I think the last time I was concern about security was about 4 years ago.

For a guy who is almost 24/7 in the PC, I think this is a big breakthrough. So how long does the shock and damange lasted. Well about 10 min. Damage? None.. reason? Linux.

Security for me has become something interesting and cute to read when I get the chance to. But I am actually never bother with security simply because I dont run into security issues.

For a guy who is a veteran on the evil IRC, or buggy ICQ networks or infamous Usernet. I really havent got any worries about security issues, 0 worms and almost no intrussions. Except on my old old olld… laptop about 7 years ago.

So what I do to keep my stuff safe?
Easy, Just do whatever I do and keep away from doing whatever I shouldnt be doing.
I run a Firewall – DHCP no mayor config.
I have a dual boot system with Linux on it
I have my data located away from my system partition
I talk to girls instead of geeks 😉
I dont use IE

So far this strategy has help me be safe in a world where windows sucks and IE sucks even more and Microsoft should die in hell.