Wow I haven’t emailed in a while, what have I been doing? Well lots of things, and they just keep on comming. After having a great weekend in the mountains.
Now I am back to work with a new attitude since I just got a girlfriend. Wow, first time in my life I got a girlfriends. I mean formally. It feels nice to an extend but I surelly preffer just to enjoy the moment.
So what has been up recently?
Well, lots of cold weather (which isn’t that cold btw) and well just being happy. I think this are happy times for me and I am enjoying them.


InterAKT’s Party

Yesterday I went to InterAKT’s party and it was a great experience. It’s funny how romanians celebrate, jealousy and passionate stuff is also funny how similar and different at the same time is between culture. Sometimes it looked like a jr. high school flashback scene. Others it was more like a party up in some farm or village. Later I was told that many people are not urban and they are originally from rural areas.
The music like always was very odd as many folklore? music, and always a lot of gypsy-spanish songs all over the place and some manele. Back to reality, not much hip hop was around to actually make a good scene. Anyway I miss not having a girl since I couldn’t dance as much as I could.
Some good information was done with some of the people from upper-management. Which find out we have a similar PMI background.
Finally some good pictures from across the party:

Birthday People

Cute co-Worker

Cake Time


The most craziest rapper in history just pass out yesterday… I am really missing ODB for all his drunk monk style rapping that he brought to the hip hop table. One of the most intense rappers and performers just left us departing from his Manhattan studio after complaining about some chest pain.

ODB was one of my favorite rappers when it was all about not giving a f*ck anymore. About 3 years ago I was very scared on what might happened to Osiris since he was on a real run from the law, and from other sources that just nobody fully got him.

Anyway ODB, rest in peace GOD.

Firefox is Out

Well it seems Firefox is out now and MozParties are going wild through out the world. With Mexico City being the biggest party of them all. Also some cool logo for Guadalajara Mozparty event.

Firefox is really picking up now and we hope to have a great influence on the entire world. It already has been picked up by other free software projects like where their campaings are being discussed.

Finally OOo tunneling

Well finally I could get access to OOo. This is a memorable event since I have been triying to get access for the past year with no success. Now that I am in I could happily say that I am in and there is nothing I can say but happy hacking.

Also stop by some cute new seaguls for the OOo project. These seagulls look like they havent missed any message from the OOo mailinglist…. ever.

XpoLinux a success

Finally XpoLinux came to an end and it couldnt possibly came to a better ending. XpoLinux has come as a breath of fresh air to the community and their constant struggle to capture the attention of the enterprise.
Personally, I got a whole lot more of what I was expecting, from private talks to Louis Suarez-Potts and Maddog I gain not just experience but also more points in the global community.
One thing I liked was the way people was doing business in the tradeshow. Even if it could have been more crowded, the companies were sitting down with business people and making a real push on their strategy.

Me with the Monterrey Community

Ready for the Show

XpoLinux is HOT!!

Maddog was a great addition to XpoLinux

XpoLinux got everything

expect great things from OOo