How long is too long

So I am going to Europe, that might be good. Few months, sounds great; 1 year — well get confy in Europe; 1 1/2 years — are you craizy???

Thats somehow how I feel. Is cool to visit other countries, you learn a lot and you are convinced things will be great. However, being away so long can cause some troubles specially since not knowing for sure where you going. Is cool to have friends before the trip and is also very cool if they are hot girls. But what is not cool is, not knowing the language, not being a first world country. And basically, outkasting yourself from real world business.

I think this might be some doubts comming to my mind as I am getting ready to take the trip. However, this choice sounds very daring and brave and I hope it turns out to be lovely also.

So I will hold on to whatever is cool for now.