Marriage for 5 months of great sex?

Recently I visit a friend, he told me about this girl she is getting attached too. She wants kids and ring, she is just 25, he is 25. She is really cute. I mean is there something wrong here. I know some alarms went off in my boy’s head.

Getting married sometimes is taken to lightly. Having a kid is taken to lightly. Getting bored of sex, monotony and all that other crap is taken to lightly. Untill, it hits you.

To be able to develop a good planning on what you want to do is too important to be taken lightly. I am seen that as I advance through life without a real plan. The only good thing out of that is that I KNOW I need one.

Mexico was like a warp zone, I hope my trip will help me realize WTF is going on, I can’t go to sleep.