Going to Romania

Ok this sound weird but it seems a romanian company might be hiring me to do the trainsheep. That will really be something very odd since I have been more in contact with romanian people than even american ones. And now I might fly to romania for a trainsheep.

So what is there to see in romania? girls girls girls…

So most girls in romania are golddiggers, but on the flipside this does look like a good internship. Not just a crappy one and money might not be as bad as expected. I will get into some of the premier romanian tech companies. With their contract with Macromedia and dreamweaver this might look interesting.

Now on the other side I really missed the Opera traineeship. I mean they just got payed like 12 million dollars from MS and now they cant let me in… com on’ they got more loot so why they can’t afford me.