Sex and Basketball

So I think sex is like basketball. But seems not many people will agree with it. Well I love basketball, but it could be any other sport. You sweat and you have fun and u get tired and I guess you actually have to work out and ‘train’ to get good at it.

However, under this enviroment it seems that is hard to link sex with any sport. People’s way of thinking is very twisted if you really analize it. Then again common knowledge can also be very twisted. Just because everyone tend to think the same way makes it feel as natural.

I wonder if you can hack common knowledge. Just really modify it and let some truth shine out. But then again a lot of people have a lot of money invested in the status quo. So what does that has to do with sex. Well simple, is a whole behavior, I might say consumer behavior. Anyway, is late and probably this is just garbage I will regret next time. Still, interesting stuff to say beside the cummon tech & biz.