Productive day

So tomorrow is the carnival here in my city and we are gonna hook them up with some IP webcams. I have to go through the applets (yuck!) and came out with agood one that is able to refresh the output of the images transfrered by webcam.It was a simple applet no sweat but MAAAAAN this people are IDIOTS. Just complete morons from the land of the brain-damaged. I mean how long can it take to just plug a couple of cables… yet it took about the whole day activity.Someone is definetly NOT doing it’s job and more than that, is just lame to look at him. Well besides that, I said it was a productive day, and it was. I finally got this RSS hooked into the content management system we work on and finally have them ready to RSS the content of mayor parts of the corporate site. So what’s next? Oh yeah a full evaluation matching applications across offices to create an integration plan that could be excecuted in the following nigths.Regardless of that, we also are triying very hard to make a roadmap on what we view as the final goal for e-government scalability.True e-government comes from the functionality of their applications to the outside world. Integration is basically what it’s on. Transparency is what’s it is on. Scalability is what it’s on. However somehow, in reality it seems is NOT a priority and they just want ‘pretty pictures & fancy colors‘.