Singing the… opera?

Well this is another great story that had happened to me recently. I might have the chance to participate in an Opera traineeship. Opera is a famous company for doing browsers and my personal favorite browser since 1998.

Opera is a great company with an even greater future. After the terrible, terrible horror story from Netscape on the browser market. Opera comes as a more carefull player with a little more mature products and just terrific vision of growth.

Opera is a non-american comany which also gives them some alure of new way of doing business. Opera is a company based in Oslo, Norway and it has have a great vision which has acomplished in areas that Microsoft has been dominating and also staggering development. IE sucks, sucks harder than a 1000 pounds watter pump. So Opera actually bring some fresh air to a technology that seems to be there for 100 years with out evolving.

Back to me, Opera means a great chance to expand, learn and actually become quite involve on REAL innovation. Also a good chance to come back to a healthier US, with less economy problems and potential different atitude.

Great Stuff!!!