It’s that Pretty Toney

Hey Wu-Tang is back!!!!

Ghost is back!!!
WOW the new ghostface is the ultimate chamber from the WU and is bangging. Some will argue that still Supreme Clientelle reigns supreme. But Pretty Toney is a good blend anyway. I can’t wait to hear some remix. The brutally honest Ghost comes back to spit his guts out.

I just love the olddie chourus of ‘la la la la la… I LOVE YOUU’ from Al Green (I think). It reminds me of old radio commercials that use it as a background track.

Also that joint RUN is tight as hell… RZA had a good day. Well so basically I can’t get myself off listening to this chambers. Method Man deliver also on a very laidback comic track with a really terrible slang ‘ Osama Bin Ladin on my Chingy Chin Chin’ Yeah you heard it, I bust out laughing.

Love is just sounds like it camed out of a Musiq CD. Musiq really sound like himself, but it sound too much like himself. Sometimes I feel is Musiq ft. Ghost and not Ghost ft. Musiq, anyway tight joint.

The overal album is waaay RETRO, Ghost leave the classics almost untouched and he measure his rhymes to the tracks. It got a good feeling of HE is reviving the legends and hip hop blending with the crown jewels of 70’s 80’s hits. Plus I just download Shaolin soul so my whole player sound like a Vinyl jukebox now. Should I leave myself an AFRO, and platform shoes?!?!