Back for the first time

Finally!!!!! my log is fixed and soon you will see everything you have missed. So let’s start this personal knowledge management project about me for me and by me. Anywho….

Let see, first I will update ya’ll on my employment status. I am working with the government :S Well actually it could be worst. Hopefully is not, and the enviroment is very coorporate, well as much as it can possibly be. Anyway, relationships are building and I am spreading throughout the IT office. I got great plans which I will post some of them later.

On another note, great… I finally got my blog, this is so cool. Ok enough of that. I am back at with some great projects. The best project is the video tutorial ones, really cute, really nice and hope they get a lot of demand. People still can’t see the value of collaboration but hopefully at the end they could understand.

GULTab, yeah is not going really great since is getting a growing pain. The group got too big to be managed by man #1. Plus it was neve meant to be that way. This will hopefully change soon as more leaders step up. Still pray for that day to come.

Hip hop? still crappy though I heard some really neat chambers (albums) from Ghostface and Masta. Will the W shine again.
“”I call my brother sun cuz he shine like one””.