Lindows in Mexico

So lindows finally arrived to Mexico via Elektra, the proposition is quite nice. Get a PC for 600 dollars. However, some work most be done to optimize it to the seamless consumer level that Lindows wants to achieve.

LindowsOS has always target it’s to granny-hatetech-stuff. Evaluating the computer experience of 0, and make it available to any working people on minimum wage.

Elektra is know’n as the el-cheapo lower middle-class electronic store. And even if their prices aren’t so low. The style that they market is.

So the bad new… First of all the Lindows software is not perfect and some tweaking most be done.

Starting with the bios gave an error which has resumed through some botton clicking– bad for the average mexican that dont even know what biology is.

The mouse failed to be trully recognized and make the mouse navigation a pain… so stick with the keyboard.

Later I found out that just front end interface is translated there is still a lot of work to be done on the background to be translated.

People with 0 english knowledge wont pass through the menu bar which is only partially translated. Click-N-Run still in english…