My thoughts on Pimp a butterfly

So I was excited when I just tweeted the editor of Rap – About telling him that the new Kendrick Lamar was a classic on the same night the album day viewed. His response was like: “damn, already”.

This threw me off on how soon I was crowning this album, did I believe the hype? Or do I just have a good ear for good hiphop?

Yes I believe I have a good ear for good hiphop. However most people do. The true test is if the people that made good reviews or at least review albums by the same standard as me, agree or disagree.

Later that day I saw that plenty did. And this leads me to believe on how my hiphop flow is nowadays. Thanks to getting more people online, I jump from blog to youtube channel keeping connected to what is hot.

Ironically radio, and music channels is something I don’t know specially living outside of the mecca of hiphop. (although that has changed as well)

Getting back on the train of thought of this album, the things that I feel is that I have been impressed with the passion of the rhymes. This is some 93 Wu-Tang shit. Having the emcee rhyme with an attitude is something that has chip away from modern hiphop, even raw groups like the Wu don’t rhyme like they were mad anymore. Even their anti-racism track, you want them to be on a more “I can’t go to sleep” mood.

And this is exactly what KDot do. Kendrick, takes a lot of attitude into a surprisingly very well thought scheme of an album. From the titles, to the theme, the sentiment of expressing himself through art, not just rap, but poetry to imagery is what makes the listener get truthfully inspire.

Everything from the cover, to the track list name, to the way they are ordered, and even to the intro to every song, the album is layout down like a book. And even more, it is also inspired like a book, from track titles like “The blacker the berry”, “How to kill a Mockingjay”, this is something that are not so obscure that the listener would never catch.

I think Kendrick better himself with this album and I most say his rhymes are witty enough to earn emceen points and the production with the blend of funk and reggea are definitely welcomed. If there is something that I most nag, is that Kendrick doesn’t seem to adjust to once style, so he doesn’t really have a sound. Like Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, his sound is very diverse, something more like a Mos Def.

I don’t know if Kendrick is the new Nas, or if this album can be compared to Illmatic, definetly have the elements, the imagery but I would still hold my judgment on the bars.


Notorious B.I.G’s ‘Hypnotize’ Resurfaces On The Billboard Charts Thanks To ‘Dinosaurs’ Mashup

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Interesting how internet culture can revive old classics. I was suprised that is up so high as number 38. I love this track and also had some funny scenes like when he say: “Your daughter is tied up in a brooklyn basement”.
Is a pretty good sync. and I enjoy the scenes, not to mentioned I used to like that show. Big ups to Biggie Smalls.

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Notorious Big Born Again Cover

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or your internet was cut off for the last two weeks, you’ve surely seen the dad from Dinosaursrapping Biggie’s “Hypnotize.”

Well, Earl Sinclair’s video with the almost-too-perfect audio synching has helped propel Big’s classic onto the Billboard Streaming Songs chart. With the assist from the video, which has garnered almost six million YouTube views, the song is at No. 38 on the newest chart. Billboard reports that the 1997 cut garnered more than four million streams in the U.S. last week, up 633 percent from the previous week.

I don’t know if it’s because Frank White’s dinosaur counterpart is just as rotund as him, or because there’s a Diddy stand-in for the trademark laugh and ad-libs, but I just can’t get enough of the video. So, here’s another chance to watch a tree-pushing Megalosaurus say, “Poppa freaking, not speaking/ Leave that ass leaking, like rapper demo.”

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Algorithm That Counts Rap Rhymes and Scouts Mad Lines

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Incredible analytics on hiphop and can tell why I love true rappers and measure the way they can outperform other famous but ridiculous rappers that are all images and no substance. I read the article and it goes in depth to what a complex rhyme is about. Multi-sylabic rhymes are not the most easy thing to imagine, but having this open source, you could get some kind of mathematical rating, and measure you favorite songs.

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“Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” – Jay Z

Among the many things rappers like to boast about, some are relatively easy to quantify, like money, whereas rhyming skills are something that have been very difficult to measure – up till now. In this post, I’ll present Raplyzer, a computer program which automatically detects rhymes from rap lyrics and which is used to rank popular rappers based on their average Rhyme factor. I’ll also present another program called BattleBot, which is a search engine for rhyming rap lines based on the algorithm used in Raplyzer.

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Preparing for 2015 FLISOL

BannerTQV2015 (1)So this year we will be doing the FLISOL again in Cancun being is our 5th FLISOL (Latin American Free Software Installfest). The event is now heavily backed up by PriceTravel and other companies that have jumped on the boat. Hopefully their support will raise the notoriety of the event in Cancun. Hopefully Dolphin Discovery and others will be enthusiastic about getting free and open source software the focal point of that it deserves.

The wheels have started turning and having aids from the people of TQV as well as other ideas on how to get other software packages like OpenOffice, Mozilla, KDE and more.

So what is FLISOL about?

FLISOL is about installing applications on people’s laptop, from Office suites, to Browsers, Operating systems and even some more specialized applications like Learning Management systems, Games, and others.

How long has FLISOL been running?

FLISOL has been running since 2004 which makes this the 11th edition, which has been a very impressive run for this event.

How did the other FLISOL events turned out?

Just going to Youtube and typing FLISOL, you can see a whole lot of videos of the event all over the media.  Even in this blog you should check out our posts from 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

The event would be again handled by the Tequila Valley Cancun people and we hope to have a great turnout since we are giving the publicity from an early stage.

Restore File-type association of your office documents

Like I said on my last post this is something that torment users all the time. Either because they uninstall OpenOffice, or update it, and something goes not exactly as planned and they loose of of these associations.

Bare in mind this really doesn’t depend on OpenOffice, but is handled by your operating system and could happen with any program, whenever is video or documents. So for that reason is usually on those places where you need to find answers. Here is one for Microsoft and one for Apple, and another for Gnome, Unity and KDE.

That said here is the general explanation in a nutshell. You have 6 different filetypes (for the most part) all ending in the following manner: docx, odt, pptx, odp, xlsx, ods or doc, ppt, xls. These files most be associated wtih an office suite that can run it. You might have more than one office suite in your computer, so you will need to tell the computer which application should be the default.

Fortunately most modern environments give you a context menu (the one you see when you right click) and see more options, including opening the document with alternative programs. This means that you can have a default application and also a secondary and other options. These menu however is managed by the file browser located in your sistem, so is logical that the configuration for such file management is either on the settings of your file manager (File explorer on windows, Finder for OSX, Nautilus and Dolphin for Gnome and KDE). So you will see a list of file types (you will be surprised how many they are) and their application right next to it. So here are some screenshot to get you familiarized with how it looks like:

OSX File association manager.
OSX File association manager.

Like many things in a desktop environment there are many ways to do the same thing, and this is also the case for file association edition. Just hope this guide clears how file association works and what to do to configure it.

How to never loose work in Apache OpenOffice

I don’t usually write tutorials in this blog, but since being on the Apache OpenOffice mailing list I think this is something that is commonly addressed. This and file-type configuration. So I think that doing a couple of tutorials on these topics could be a good personal refference for the mailing list.

So here is the tip on how to never loose work in Apache OpenOffice:

  1. Configure auto-Recovery, this will set the option to handle a timer in which the file would be saved periodically.
  2. Enable backup copies.
  3. Enable document properties without saving.

Is important to understand that our biggest enemy on loosing information is ourselves, so we need to fight to future self from ruining our job. Our somewhat lazy practices like forgetting to do regular saves or never save on startup or even, never worry about insertring properties on documents might be some of the reasons to loose work.

So here is some configuration tips that your OpenOffice will need to enable to force future self to deal with.

Go to the Load/Save configuration options located on Tools -> Options. This will give you a dialog that will hold some check boxes, most of them enabled, but not all of them. You can see the save options present some interesting options such as:

  • Edit document properties before saving
  • Always create backup copies
  • Save AutoRecovery information every …. [15] Minutes
Go to Tools -> Options and Load/Save to view this dialog.
Go to Tools -> Options and Load/Save to view this dialog.

The image is pretty self explanatory, I enable this options to be able to a) annoy me, but is a good annoyance. b) save everything.

What this will do is, pop up dialogs asking me to save the document, even new ones. And then it will ask me to insert properties for the document. These conditions will make it so even new documents that have no name will require me to save them. No more blank Untitled documents. After that it will constantly save at a 5 minute threshold instead of the regular 15 minutes. And on top of that, it will save a backup image on your backup folder.

However here is a great Bonus, if you own some cloud service like Dropbox. You might want to edit the backup path (located under General -> Paths) and change the path from the original Backup Path to a directory inside your Dropbox folder (or google drive if thats what you use). This will make your work be saved not only on your desktop but also on the Cloud service, without you thinking about it.

Edit path to a cloud provider.
Edit path to a cloud provider.

New laptop finally here!!

So finally got my new laptop, thanks to my employer, I am the user of a more modern hardware with good speed both on the processor, ram and storage speed. There are still some customization to be done, since the original order was targeting a 1 TB IDE and a 250 GB SSD. After some options came around, I end up with a 250GB and a 250 IDE disk.

The laptop is a Dell Latitude E6410, with some average specs. The point wasn’t get a state of the art, but just a few months of productivity. Plus the performance goes way up when I am running ArchLinux. I installed Archbang, followed some Youtube videos with OpenBox, and then installed KDE 5.

The good thing of getting a not so cutting edge laptop is that most of the hardware worked. Even the special keys, wifi, and such. Still think it was a pleasant install, and the performance was great, even the keyboard felt nice.

The biggest To-Do right now is finding a harddisk caddy to enclose the original IDE disk and have the double disk on the laptop in spare of the DVD unit. For the moment I am using an external USB-enclosing disk.

External Caddy for the IDE disk.
External Caddy for the IDE disk.

I’ll write some update if I can get it finally done with the internal one:

Internal disk
Internal disk